Dear Santa, I can
My name is Nala.  I'm
sweet and give wet
kisses and although I
make cats mad
(causing them to
scratch my eye and
eventually have it
removed) and like to
ingest toxins that end
up with after hours
emergency vet visits I
really am a good girl!

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The holidays should be a
time of fun & excitement for
everyone, pets included.  
Read over these general
safety tips to keep your pets
safe this holiday season.
Piles of decomposting organic
and molding food in your
backyard compost pile pave
the potential to contain
"tremorganic mycotoxins"
molds that can cause your pet
to have tremors and seizures..
      Just like small children, most dogs, and sometimes cats, have
the tendency to chew on anything they can get their paws on.  While it is
possible that if ingested, the object will pass on its own and your pet will
continue on their merry way, sometimes the object will become lodged
in the intestinal tract and cause serious issues.

                                          What to Look For:
                                                              A pet with an intestinal blockage can
                                                        present with several symptoms. At first,
                                                        your pet may act lethargic or depressed,
                                                        and will stop eating. Soon afterwards the
                                                        pet will begin to vomit food and water
                                                        because it is unable to pass through
                                                        their system.  In addition to the
vomiting,                                         your pet may also experience diarrhea.  

                                          How Do We Diagnose a Foreign
                                             Body Obstruction?
    If you are unsure of what your pet
                                                        ingested, our veterinarians will typically
begin with a blood panel to rule out pancreatitis or other causes for your
pets symptoms.  If the blood work does not show a reason for your pets’
symptoms, then the next step will be for the doctors to perform abdominal
or thoracic radiographs.  

How Do We Treat an Obstruction?
Sometimes, as mentioned before, surgical intervention  is not necessary.
Depending on the item ingested, it may be small and smooth enough to
pass through the pets system without causing any issues. If the object is
caught in the throat, it is possible to be removed using an   endoscope.
However, if the object has made its way to the stomach  or the
     intestines, an exploratory surgery may be necessary.
I'm sure that the fact I'm only three months old
doesn't mean my humans are in for a lifetime of
You're still bringing me presents, right?