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About Us
  Dr. Grantham started New Braunfels Veterinary Clinic in June of 1988 in a small, 900 square foot building on North Seguin Street.  
At that time, Dr. Grantham was the entire clinic staff. He saw the patients, cleaned the kennels, kept the books and answered the
phones. In these early days, Dr. Grantham would see on average two to five patients a day.  As the practice became busier, his wife,
Phyllis, came in to assist in the office by answering phones and making appointments when he was busy with surgeries or seeing
patients.  A year later, in 1989, a client by the name of Karen Reber came in for a routine appointment for her pets.  During the exam,
Dr. Grantham noticed that Karen demonstrated the proper way to hold off on a vein.  Curious, he asked her where she learned that
skill.  Karen revealed that she had some experience in the field, and soon after that we acquired our awesome office manager.   

A few years went by and thanks to family, friends, and word of mouth the practice continued to grow.  The clinic was renovated to add
another 900 square feet to the building, and in November of 1994 Dr. Grantham hired another doctor, Dr. Pearson, to join the team.  
Dr. Pearson attended Texas A&M for her undergraduate studies, and earned her medical degree from Ross University School of
Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts.  

Not too many years later, it was becoming apparent that the practice was beginning to outgrow the small building downtown.  Plans
were made to expand the practice and build a new clinic to be located on Common Street.  In December of 2002, Dr. Grantham and
the staff closed their doors at the end of the day on Seguin Street for the last time, and opened the next morning at their new location
on Common.  Since then, we have had three more doctors join the practice. Dr. Doody came aboard in April of 2008 after earning a
degree from Texas A&M and working for a couple of years in the East Texas area.  Dr. Lubbock, who also earned her degree from
A&M, is here with us part time, and Dr. Williams, who joined us in 2016, is the newest addition to the staff of doctors.  Dr. Williams
earned her undergraduate degree at Valdosta State, and her medical degree from the University of Georgia.

It has been twenty-nine years since New Braunfels Veterinary Clinic opened its doors for the first time.  We have gone from seeing
two to five patients a day, to seeing weekly, on average, one hundred and eighty two patients for exams, twenty for dentals, and
between twenty and thirty for surgeries.  Our doctors have one hundred and eighteen years combined experience in veterinary
medicine.  We employ seven technicians, four kennel techs, and seven receptionists.  All of our employees share a love of animals and
a desire to help the furry, four legged residents of the New Braunfels community and surrounding areas.  We all love what we do, and
feel blessed that we are able to come to work and spend time with people that feel more like family than co-workers, and spend the day
helping heal animals that are more like family than just pets.