Canine Influenza
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Canine Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory disease that is easily
spread from dog to dog or even by shared toys, bowls or a pet owner's hand.
Despite it's current media attention, the disease has been around for
more than a decade.  

There are two strains of Canine Influenza,  H3N8 and H3N2.  H3N8 was
first discovered in 2004 in Florida and originated from an equine virus.
H3N2 has more recently been an issue in the United States where
veterinarians in the Chicago area notice an increase in respiratory
illness in a vast number of patients in 2015.  The H3N2 virus is of avian
origin and was found as far back as 2006 in China and Korea.
H3N2,  the virus currently threatening our area has the capability to
shed intermittently for up to 24 days, increasing the risk of exposure.  

Canine Influenza is commonly contracted in boarding facilities or
grooming centers as well as the dog park.  Any place where your pet
can come in contact with other pets could be a danger.  If your
dog come is contact with an infected dog or infected surface, they
can become infected as well.

We aren't saying to keep your dog locked up at home and not take him out
to socialize.  They just need a little protection.    We currently stock a bivalent
vaccine from Merck that covers both strains of the virus.  While the vaccine will
not prevent your dog from acquiring Canine Influenza it will decrease the
symptoms, giving your pet a much better chance of a quick recovery.

Please feel free to call and speak with our staff about symptoms and
prevention of canine influenza.