This dachshund has severe tartar, gingivitis
and has developed ulcers along his gum
line.  Many teeth fell out during the dental
procedure but now that the tartar and
infection has been cleared away his gums
should heal up nicely. The chart to the right
shows the teeth previously missing and ones
he lost during the procedure.
This schnauzer is a good example of what
severe tartar and periodontal disease looks
like.  Though many of the larger teeth
cleaned up many fell out as the build up of
tartar was the only thing holding them in.
Stomatitis is inflammation of the gum line that goes beyond normal ginvititis.  It
is considered a chronic inflammatory or immunologic response disease and not
much is know about it's origin than that.  The swelling from these areas can affect
the roof of the mouth, tongue and throat making it painful and at times
impossible for a cat to swallow or even eat.  

Patients present as a therapeutic challenge, and management is often frustrating
for both the veterinarian and owner.
In most cats removal of the teeth causing the inflammation can increase the cats
comfort level greatly though  maintinence of steroids and antibiotics may be
required throughto the cat's life   
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WARNING: The following photos contain graphic images of pet's mouths.  
Dental Prcedure Results
This labrador suffered from severe
tartar and calculus build-up.  As you
can see many teeth were lost during
cleaning procedure because they
were no longer secure in the gumline.