George is a Sphynx, a type of hairless cat.  
Their skin has the texture of chamois, and
due to their lack of hair are susceptible to
both sun and cold weather variances.
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  Canine Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory
disease that is easily spread from dog to dog or even
by shared toys, bowls of even a pet owner's hand.  
Despite it's current media attention, the disease has
been around for more than a decade.  Please feel
free to call and speak with our staff about symptoms
and prevention of canine influenza.  
At New Braunfels Veterinary Clinic, PLLC your pets' health is our top priority. We strive
to treat every patient with dignity and compassion in an environment where both pet and
owner feel comfortable. As a caring owner we know that you want what's best for your pet
because they are members of your family.  All in all, we hope to make your veterinary
experience an exciting and knowledgeable one.  Each member of our staff is here because
they share the same special bond,the love of animals. It is this love that brings us here to
provide heartfelt care for you and your pet.
Do cats like Beethoven?  Does
your german shephard want to
rock out to Journey? Find out!
Texas weather is Hot, Hot, Hot!
Learn the signs of heatstoke
and how to protect your pets.
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